Gideon and I had a wonderful weekend in the Catskills. We spent time with my folks and his. I had a bit too much fun sitting by the fire with Dad and Gid, lost my footing, and dropped (and broke?) Gid’s really nice camera – our first night there! So, I snapped some shots with Mom’s little pink camera. It did the job, but I was looking forward to sharing some well-shot photos of home with you all. These pictures are of my parent’s yard. Low-key and peaceful. An altogether restorative weekend.

I've started crocheting again so, my mother gave me a few pointers. She makes a few scarves a week and gives them away to friends and her students. At the rate she crochet's, I need to set her up an Etsy site.

As a kid, I thought that someone painted a portrait of my mother and me. I proudly told my friends that we were painted by an artist. I continued the story, even after I found out that we were, in fact, not the mother and daughter in the painting.

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