When no one is looking, no one is judging, and your most secret cravings can come out, what do you eat?

Sometimes, I eat like a ten year old child. Not only do I like to eat crap, I like to eat a lot of it. Yup, that's an American grilled cheese sandwich with tomato, chips, carrot chunks and coffee. Two more cups of coffee and five more slices of cheese later, I was sick. Moderation is not a word in my vocabularly. I'm an all or nothing kind of gal. Goodbye cheese?


  1. this is actually not that bad of a meal! looks delicious. would eat this for lunch anyday. my secret cravings when i eat alone including consuming an ENTIRE bag of kettle brand chips over the course of 3 hours. i think they put MSG in them which is why they are so addictive and delicious, but is also the reason why i get migraines afterwards. so, so terrible.

  2. PS. which reminds me. for "lunch" yesterday i ate a bowl of chocolate covered peanuts.

  3. i don't feel bad about eating, but it's causing havoc on my digestive systems. food migraines are the worst. i get mine from hard cheese and red wine.

    on the PS... good combo of sweet and salty. ugh, when i get on a crap kick it's so hard to convince myself to eat something good!