I don't have any recipes or food pictures up yet because our big fancy computer has been in the shop. You'll get some soon; I promise. While Gideon and I are working to reduce our packaging consumption and processed food intake, we totally feasted on a store-bought pizza last night. Sometimes, I don't have the time or energy to do anything but turn on the oven. In moderation, this might be alright. We shared a soy cheese pizza from Amy's. That and a salad of romaine lettuce, broccoli, carrots, and olives with basil vinaigrette made dinner.

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I decided to cancel my cable television today and unplug the set altogether. Drawn in by "adventures, not television," I happened upon this article moments after my call.

I'm a little behind. I just saw a graph tracking a Century of Meat Consumption in the U.S. via The NY Times.

And is anyone else disturbed by The Marriage Vow? I like this observation via AlterNet.

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